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Stack in C# Example

Stack LIFO style Collection

What is Stack in C#
Stack is a special type of collection in C#, which stores elements in LIFO style(Last In First Out). C# includes a generic and non-generic Stack. Here you will learn about the non-generic stack.

Stack allows duplicate values and also null value, Stack comes under System.Collections namespace

Important Stack Methods in C#

  • Peek

    Returns the top item from the stack.

  • Pop

    Removes and returns items from the top of the stack.

  • Contains

    Checks whether an item exists in the stack or not

  • Push

    Inserts an item at the top of the stack.

  • Clear

    Removes all items from the stack.

Stack push method example in C#

Push method allows adding object in stack object, so in example below we have created a new instance of stack object, and then added different type of values

Stack myStack = new Stack();
myStack.Push("this is a string");

retrive values from stack in C#

As you can see in above code we have created a stack object called “myStack”, then added few values using push method, now we retrieve those values by looping throw the collection.

foreach (var itm in myStack)                

Stack Peek Method Example in C#


Stack Pop Method Example in C#

The Pop() method removes and returns the value that was added last to the Stack.

Stack popStack = new Stack();
Console.Write("Total elements in Stack: {0}", popStack.Count);
while (myStack.Count > 0)
    Console.Write("Total elements in Stack: {0}", popStack.Count);

After executing the above code, the result would be

Total elements in Stack: 4


Total elements in Stack: 0


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