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Learn Generic in c# tutorial

Here we learn c# generic method, First we create then we call the generics method
// this is just normal class to be used in generic method
public class Student
public int StudentId { get; set; }
public string Fullname { get; set; }
public DateTime DOB { get; set; }

c# generics method example

class GenericExample

public static List<T> MyGenericMethod<T>(T value, int maxCount)
List<T> list = new List<T>();
for (int i = 0; i < maxCount; i++)
return list;


Now we see how to call the generic method with generic values in C#
Here we have given three example of calling generic method with differnt type of values
public static void TestGenericMethod()

//Calling Example 1
List<decimal> list1 = MyGenericMethod<decimal>((decimal)3.2, 4);

//Calling Example 2
List<string> list2 = MyGenericMethod<string>("WebTrainingRomm", 5);

//Calling Example 3
List<Student> studentList = new List< Student>();
studentList.Add(new Student() { Fullname="Adrija", StudentId=10, DOB=DateTime.Now });
studentList.Add(new Student() { Fullname = "Nikki", StudentId = 11, DOB = DateTime.Now });
studentList.Add(new Student() { Fullname = "Paige", StudentId = 12, DOB = DateTime.Now });

List<List<Student>> list3 = MyGenericMethod<List<Student>>(studentList, 5);

foreach (List<Student> s in list3)
foreach (Student stu in s)

If you notice in above code, first we called the generic method with decimal type, then with string type and last call with a custom object type (“Student”)
Here is the output of last call
generic method result

Just remember in generic method what type of data you send as T vale, take a look at the picture below
generic method call

Generic in C#
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