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Interface in C# implementation example

In this tutorial we learn about Interface and Abstract Class in C#, difference between interface and abstract class, so you know when to use interface and abstract class in C#.

What is Interface in C# ?

An interface in C# is the design of any component that only contains the declaration of the methods, properties, and events, interface never contains the implementation part.

Implementation part is done in the class that implements, class:Interface. Interface keep the clean design information, thus makes it easy to maintain a standard information for all.

How to write an Interface in C#?

As you have read that Interface contain only declaration but not implementation, below is an example of interface that contain design declaration about training

interface ITraining
    string Title { get; set; }
    string Subjects { get; set; }
    string Trainer { get; set; }
    string Location { get; set; }
    string TrainingDate { get; set; }

If you see notice in above ITraining interface, there is only declaration about training, but no implementation

Now let’s see how the implementation is done.
Think about some real-time scenario, we can have multiple training going on in any organization, for example .Net Training, here is the implementation.

class DotNetTraining : ITraining
    string _trainer = "WebTrainingRoom";            
    string _title = ".NET Training Room";             
    string _subjects = "Interface, Abstract Class, OOP";             
    string _location = "Online";             
    DateTime _tDate = DateTime.Now;             
public string Title            
    get { return _title; }             
    set { _title = value; }             
public string Subjects             
    get { return _subjects; }             
    set { _subjects = value; }             
public string Trainer             
    get { return _trainer; }             
    set { _trainer = value; }             
public DateTime TrainingDate             
    get { return _tDate; }             
    set { _tDate = value; }             

Now similarly we can implement SQL Training, Jquery Training so on, so everywhere training design will remain same.

interface example

Hope now have good idea about interface and abstract class in C#, You should also check the difference between Abstract class and Interface

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Interface in C# Example
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