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Abstract class implementation in c# example

In this tutorial we learn about Abstract Class in C#, How to define an abstract class in C#, and implementation.

What is Abstract Class?

An abstract class is known as a base class; contain the most basic definition of a particular entity, an abstract class can contain abstract and non-abstract properties, methods

Here are some quick overview of an abstract class

  • An abstract class cannot support multiple inheritance.
  • An abstract class can implement code with non-Abstract methods.
  • An Abstract class can have constants and fields.
  • An abstract class can implement a property.
  • An abstract class can have constructors or destructors.
  • An abstract class cannot be inherited from by structures.
  • An Abstract class can have modifiers for methods, properties etc.
  • An abstract calss can inherit from a class and one or more interfaces.
How to write a Abstract Class?

An abstract class start with an abstract keyword, can have abstract and non-abstract method and propertise

abstract class TrainingBase
    public abstract string Title { get; set; }
    public abstract DateTime TrainingDate { get; set; }
    protected abstract string Subjects { get; set; }
    public abstract string Trainer { get; set; }
    public abstract string Location { get; set; }

    public abstract void StartTraining();                

    protected void StopTraining()
        if (TrainingDate != DateTime.Now)
            Console.WriteLine("Training is not Active");


As you can see in above TrainingBase abstract class has abstract and non abstract methods and properties

Now you learn how to consume this abstract class

class WEBApiTraining : TrainingBase
    string trainer = "WebTrainingRoom";
    string title = "Web API Training Room";
    string subjects = "put, post, get, exception";
    string location = "Online";
    DateTime tDate = DateTime.Now;

    public override void StartTraining()
        Console.WriteLine("Start Web API Training");

    public override string Title
        get { return title; }
        set { title = value; }

    public override DateTime TrainingDate
        get { return tDate; }
        set { tDate = value; }

    protected override string Subjects
        get { return subjects; }
        set { subjects = value; }

public override string Trainer
    get { return trainer; }
    set { trainer = value; }

Now we can create multiple training classes that will be inherited from same TrainingBase abstract class

abstract class example

Hope now have good idea about abstract class and Interface in C#, You should also check the difference between Abstract class and Interface

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