JIT Compiler in .Net Framework

JIT full form is Just in Time, a Compiler in .NET Framework.

JIT (just in time) compiler is a part of clr (common language runtime) in .net framework, jit is responsible for managing the execution of .net programs regardless of any .net programming language (c#, j#, vb etc.) There are various steps in managed execution process.

A language-specific compiler converts the source code to the intermediate language.

Then the intermediate language is converted into the machine code by the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler.

What is JIT .Net Framework

In .NET there are three types of JIT (Just-In-Time) compilers

  • Pre-JIT Compiler (Compiles entire code into native code completely)
  • Normal JIT Compiler (Compiles only partial code when executed and put in cache
  • Econo JIT Compiler (Compiles part by part freeing when required)

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