CTS (Common Type System) in .Net

Common Type System known as CTS in .Net Framework, CTS is one of the core architectural part of .Net Framework.

CTS (Common Type System) standardizes the data types for all programming languages in .Net

In .Net, we can write code in any language, but then IL code should be able to interact with each other, so there has to be a common way to define all supported types, that’s where type standardization is required, and CTS define that.

What is CTS in .Net?

Here are the few things CTS is responsible for.

  • Define a set of rules for data types that all .net languages must follow
  • Make sure cross-language execution possible in framework.
  • Provide a library that contains the basic types used in application development like string, Byte, Char, Date etc.
  • CTS defines several categories of types like Classes, Enums, Structures, Interfaces, Delegates
  • Also define property types, access modifiers types, and how inheritance and overloading works etc.

CTS component deals with data type, so that we can develop .net application in different languages, and still can communicate with each other, every language has its own data type, and one language data type can be different from other languages. However, any application built in .NET Framework, can consume any assembly developed in different .net language- CTS make that possible!

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