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Digital Business Consultant in India

Aarindam Chakraborty is an Enterprise Architect, Business Analyst, (partial TOGAF practitioner) eCommerce Business Consultant, Tech Blogger, SEO & Digital Business Expert and an Entrepreneur working on few tech startups on different business verticals.

A passionate learner about Technology, Business, Life and Spirituality...
Aarindam Chakraborty, Digital transformation strategist in India
digital transformation expert
A technology professional with fifteen plus years of experience in real-time designing, developing, architecting complex enterprise system, has worked with big companies like Rediff.Com, VFS India, Chenoa Information Services, Professional Access, Monitor Group (now merged Deloitte Consulting), Alliance Global (now EPAM) etc. in Mumbai, Hyderabad and now in Kolkata.

Before I talk about my digital transformation strategy I would encourage you to go through my Blog and Free Tutorials on Web Designing, Development, Programming, Database Development , Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, The reason I am sharing all these articles and tutorials, you read them and try to implement as much as you can without taking help from anyone, and get ready with your queries before hiring some professionals for your project. I would always encourage you to become an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship is an agile mindset of taking responsibility of every action we make, and defiantly that will help any organization to expand their wings with more accuracy.

As a Digital Marketing Professional I provide digital business consulting service to small business, help them to grow efficiently, place them in global market, expand their market capture, and make them compete with big brands in their respective business vertical.

if you are already running a successful business and want to scale up for big audience or you want to start something from scratch, I can help you.

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best digital marketing tips
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Tips for eCommerce digital marketing strategy
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