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When you landed in this page, I am sure you probably looking for some ideas to improve your business productivity, right!

Here are some basic steps that will help you to get clarity and indication about what you need to do!

Set the goal clearly

Setting right goal is one of the important factors in small business success. If you try to achieve too many goals at time, that will be really difficult, and you may not have any success, so find the primary goal and focus on only that activity, this will increase the efficiency and bring you success sooner.

Assign right resource and bandwidth clearly

Assign right resource for each small task, make sure that get completed on time, implement single responsibility principal, split big task into multiple small tasks, it will easy to major and observe if things are getting delayed, so you can take action quickly, complete the task which you feel is easy or you have efficiency, that will help to reduce the overall workload.

Figure out exact keywords

Work hard on keywords from day one, it's important to know exact keywords for your business, what potential customers will look for when they search online, take help of good keywords research tools and use them with your experience.

Create good digital asset

Create good quality digital asset, do some research on your competitors and latest trends, and remember in this digital era your digital representation will help you to get new contacts, people will know you better, may open some new opportunities, so create good quality well synchronised content.

Always create original content, people love reading..

Be on social media

Be social on social media, keep your personal profile separate than your business profile if required, you need not to be social media expert, just sharing one line update about your business once in a week is good enough.

Be careful what you write on social media even on your personal profile, because all followers are not your fan!

Setup communication point

Setup multiple communication channels, let potential buyers feel that they can reach you any time using their favourite channel and time, setup auto responder in case you don’t have 24x7 representative

Be quick to response

Be quick to get back to every customer response, sometimes you may feel some service you don’t have, so the query is irrelevant, yes, that particular query may be irrelevant, but the relation is important, that can be a future opportunity

Know the trends and your limit

Now there will be plenty of suggestion from different people, friends, and experts; but before implementing anything you must know your limit, because if you complete any task partially, you may not see any value at the end, so do whatever you can complete within your bandwidth.

Now, all above activities will get you good amount of information and data, which will help you to analyse and think better for your business

  • Observe carefully
  • Analyse well
  • Implement what you can

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Just make sure you are on right track!

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