TOGAF Architecture Tutorials for Beginners

Here I am not going to teach you Togaf, updating this information for myself and if anyone interested to learn about Togaf, then all three posts may be helpful.

When I learned about TOGAF, I liked it so much, I was looking for an opportunity to practice this framework; unfortunately, I never got that.

Then when I started building my startup product development, I was trying to follow some area of TOGAF, actually the framework is so huge, unless we have big product life cycle practiced by group of architect, It would be very difficult to bring all the principles in practice.

Why to Learn this framework?

In simple word, this framework will help to carry out big complex development life cycle in a very organized way, where we can deal with real-time business requirement changes easily and can see the impact.

TOGAF Architecture Framework Free Tutorials for Beginners Step by Step

What is TOGAF? and Why?

TOGAF is a well defined enterprise architecture framework for designing complex, big application with continuous improvement, change management, impact analysis, identifying risk and sustainability, that teach an approach of designing, planning, implementing, and analyzing complex information technology architecture in a organized way

Picture on right outline the overall lifecycle of TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework
enterprise architecture framework

Here we try to bring all aspect of Togaf , to give you best understanding about the overall framework, also share our view point about some of the area (that we feel ) still can be optimized or redefined. Wish to create a healthy debate to make the learning more interesting, practical and sustainable.

Let’s quickly go through TOGAF study Material and try to understand the TOGAF Benefits , Goals, Value

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