Artificial Intelligence Overview

In earlier AI introductory article we have talked about what is AI! Now we learn what are the key components of AI and what type of Application are being developed using AI, how different AI programming than non-AI programming

artificial intelligence Tutorial for Beginners

Key Characteristic of Artificial Intelligence

  • Discovery
  • Prediction
  • Justification
  • Performance
  • Learning

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Evolution of AI

  • 1945: Isaac Asimov from Columbia University, coined the term Robotics
  • 1956: John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence, he also invents LISP programming language for AI
  • 1964: Danny Bobrow at MIT, shows that computers can understand natural language to solve algebra
  • 1966: Joseph Weizenbaum built ELIZA (a natural language conversation program described) at MIT

Start Learning AI development

We can start learning Machine Learning Application step by step as classified below

AI Machine Learning Examples