Artificial Intelligence Overview

In earlier AI introductory article we have talked about what is AI! Now we learn what are the key components of AI and what type of Application are being developed using AI, how different AI programming than non-AI programming

artificial intelligence Tutorial for Beginners
Key Characteristic of Artificial Intelligence

If we analyze the life cycle of AI, or how AI is being evolved for last few decades, we see some key characteristic of the activities.

  • Discovery
  • Prediction
  • Justification
  • Performance
  • Learning

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Evolved

Before we can start using AI in our application development, we need to understand how things are being developed, where we stand now, and what would be the future of AI driven applications, what impact will it make in our daily life!

Evolution of AI
  • 1945: Isaac Asimov from Columbia University, coined the term Robotics
  • 1956: John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence, he also invents LISP programming language for AI
  • 1964: Danny Bobrow at MIT, shows that computers can understand natural language to solve algebra
  • 1966: Joseph Weizenbaum built ELIZA (a natural language conversation program described) at MIT
Start Learning AI development

We can start learning Machine Learning Application step by step as classified below

  • AI Introduction
    Before you start writing any ai application, please go through above post, that will help you to understand what and how artificial intelligence started and evolving day by day.
  • Machine Learning
    Here I have written two machine learning example to explain the concept and how we can implement machine learning using c# .net api and python library.
  • Deep Learning

    Deep learning is about how computers learning to think using structures modeled on the human brain and replicate the same behavior and action.

    deep learning example is like driverless car, car can understand different signals on road, knows where to stop etc.

    There are various deep learning framework library has been developed in different languages like OpenCV (written in c, c++) for c# developer, tenserflow developed by Google brain, pytourch for python developers.

  • Neural Networks

    Neural Networks is a set of algorithms developed that can replicate the behaviors of human thinking, exactly the way biological neuron works in human brain.

    There are various neural networks modules in machine learning like perception, multilayer perception, recurrent neural network, convolution neural network etc.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing often termed as NLP , which define automatic translation of text or image by using neural network modules, there are different type of modules that can replicate thinking behaviors of human brain.

    Learn more about what is Natural Language Processing?

Azure Cognitive Services

Now microsoft azure cognitive services has introduced various API like vision, speech, language, decision API, we can directly consume those API from azure portal into our system development.

AI Machine Learning Examples