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What is cloud and why to learn cloud skills!

Cloud is just a terminology that refer an environment of large scale of technologies under one login that allow you to build and scale world class application in a standardize way.

If you learn cloud application development, you will be learning and talking the same technical way, that a person does sitting in Silicon Valley and developing cloud application, that way you will be learning how to develop large application with people across the globe.

azure cloud service

In simple words, cloud is the combination of SaaS (software as service), PaaS (platform as service) and IaaS (infrastructure as service).

There are different types of cloud environments; largely we can classify them into three categories, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Here we will be learning about one of the most popular public clouds, Azure, (others are AWS and Google cloud).

Learn Azure Cloud Development

In this cloud computing tutorials, we will learn various component services of Azure Cloud.

To learn Azure cloud development you need to simply login to, you can create a free account, they offer one year free service for many of their popular cloud components.

Note, if you are completely new to web application development, then you should learn some web development technologies offline, before you login and active your free Azure cloud service, (otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of their free service completely).

continuous integration and continuous delivery

Here are some tutorials that help you get started with web application development and how to deploy them in cloud environment.

There two most popular ways to push and pull code base while working with azure cloud, which allow you to perform continuous integration and continuous delivery, from your local machine to cloud.

Once you are familiar with basic App service and how to push and pull code from online repository, you can start exploring azure storage service; there are four main components, azure blob storage, file share, cloud table and queues.

Azure Cloud Tutorial
learn azure cloud development

Let's learn how to use Azure Cloud Storage system from core c# application.

Data Analysis
learn Artificial Intelligence
Learn Azure Cloud Development