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Learn Node.js step by step

Setup Node App development Environment

Node.js Tutorial for Beginners

Node is not a Framework; it's a runtime environment for executing JavaScript code, non-blocking asynchronous architecture

Before we can start Node Development, we learn how to setup Node Development Environment

To install Node Download the latest node runtime environment

install node

Now download VS Code Editor, and run the exe as administrator, Once ready, you should be able to see the screen below. (Note: There are many Node editors, but as a .Net developer I have chosen VS Code Editor )

install vs code editor

If you notice there is an error in above screen "Git not found", if you get this error then you need to download and install Git

install git

Once Git is installed, you need to close your VS Code and re-open it, and then click on “View” => “Integrated Terminal” , where you can customize setting of default Terminal , set Git Bash as default Terminal

once your Terminal is ready, just type the line below,that will get you the current Node version installed on your machine

$ node --version

Now we are ready to develop Node Apps with VS Code

Now let's learn how to Create first Node App Step by Step.

Node App Development with Asp.Net