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Email Sending Free Software with Source Code

Email Sending Free Software

About Email Sending Free Software
Email Sending Software Free with source code, Read complete implementation guide step by step, written in Asp.net, SQL, Php, JavaScript, You can download and setup, then send marketing newsletters to customer

What business problem does it solve?
Now with this software you will be able to send customised email newsletter to all your clients, without paying to anything to anyone, and also you can configure any SMTP you want, so no fear of losing copy of valuable email address.

Email Sending Software Overview

  • Software written in Asp.net MVC
  • SQL used as Database
  • JavaScript and JQuery used in GUI
  • You may need some HTML and CSS knowledge to make changes in email template
  • This is a browser based solution
  • You can run in local environment also can host if you want
  • This will allow sending bulk email and also individual email
  • Bulk email sending number can be configured, default value 50

You can use the software for free for sending newsletter, please tell us your requirement , so we can improve the functionality. [coming soon]

Name Email Website
Free Email Sending Software with Source Code