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How create to SQL Task in SSIS Package

What is Execute SQL Data Task in SSIS ?
SQL task is the component in SSIS package which allow us to execute SQL statement like any sql query or stored procedure from SSIS package.

SSIS SQL Task Example

Here we learn how to run create and execute SQL Data Task in SSIS and execute multiple SQL statements or stored procedure that run sequentially.

Drag this control from SSIS Toolbox on your SSIS Package (dtsx file)

sql task in ssis

Right click on above control and select Edit

We can connect any data source using different connection manager like, odbc, excel etc.

Execute SQL Task

Execute SQL Task is a control in SSIS package that allow to write any SQL Script or call Store procedure, the same way we write query in SQL

sql task editor in ssis

Below are three important parameters to established connection
  • Connection Type

    Connection Type: Excel, Ole DB. ODBC, ADO, Ado.Net, SQLMobile

  • Connection

    for any type either you can create a new connection or use the existing connection

  • SQL Source Type

    Direct Input. File Connection , Variable

As you can see in above screenshot, we have used “Direct input” as SQLSourceType and in SQL statement we have directly written the store procedure name “execute usp_createTableCandidateTemp”

Learn more about how to execute SQL task in SSIS package.

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