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Check if website is mobile compatible

How to check if a website is mobile friendly

Have you checked if your webpage is mobile friendly or how it appears on mobile browser? if not then check immediately, if your webpage is not mobile compatible then you will be losing 25% - 45% visitor, and this percentage will be increasing day by day.

In competitive digital marketing we must make sure that our webpage is mobile compatible, mobile friendly webpage gets more viewers from search engine and that helps in Google ranking.

Here are few tools that can help you finding if your webpage is mobile friendly.

Best Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

Google mobile-friendly Test

Google has a service that let you check the mobile friendliness of your website.


MobiReady is a very good tool. That let you check website mobile compatible, it provides a free tool for web designers and marketers to test website performance on mobile devices.

this tool generate a report for your webpage and send to your inbox, the report brings up really good information, that exactly pin point where you need to optimize the page.

Test your mobile speed

this tool rightly detect mobile version of your webpage and generate a report for you


This toll can help you to find if your website is responsive design, on left hand side they have various different type of desktop, where you can select any resolution and check how your page will appear on that screen, they also have different type of tablet and mobile device that let you check the compatibility of your webpage.

But, this tool cannot differentiate device type and pull the right template of your webpage (if you have different template for different device), so that way it does not show you the right result for mobile device.

Every time you design a web page make sure the page is mobile compatible, if not then you will loosing large number of viewer and potential customer.

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