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19 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Traffic to any Website

How to get more traffic to your Website or blog

Here we share some idea to get content relevant traffic to your website or blog.
That eventually will help to create awareness of your brand and increase leads and sales.
As a website business owner, you must know if there is no traffic on your website, your web designing will never be successful, no matter how beautiful graphical representation you have, on the other hand if you can fetch good number of visitors on your webpage, you are successful even with simple layout, so, content is the king

Here are some steps may fetch high traffic to any Website

Content is King, Write good Content
Always write good content that reader will enjoy reading about your products or services, search engine should be next thing to consider, remember in there are two things about getting traffic to a website, one is somehow getting visitor for the for the first time, and second is holding them so they keep coming repeatedly to your website.
So more repeated visitor your website gets more reputation you earns, and that will make you successful.
Write Irresistible Headlines
Write good content with Catchy Irresistible Headlines.
Now how do you know if the headline is attractive enough? Think like a potential buyer of that service, if you are looking for that kind of service what will draw your attention.
Considering adding your product / service feature in headline should be second priority, make it attractive for buyer first, this will increase click ration at least 20% to 30%.
Find our hot keywords, phrase for your business
Before you start doing some artistic work, find out what are those keywords, phrase are often used to reach to audience for products like yours.
This exercise often termed as Keyword research. Do this first & Get it right.

Target Long Tail Keywords
For any hot keywords there will be always high competition, so find out what are the long tail keywords combinations

Now you must understand the classification of functionalities and keywords to describe them. If you are offering some service or you have some products to talk about, classify them first, then it will be easy to optimize each page for that particular type or category. now use different type of keywords combination for that particular type page.
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
Optimize each page with right set of keywords and high quality content, best way to do this, think your website has only this one page, and you have one target audience, now optimize that one page with quality content that your reader would love to read, use the right set of phrase and key words related to that audience / industry, don't write content for multiple audience into single page, then the page will never get ranking, learn more about On-Page Optimization

Proven ways to get high traffic to any website

Create a blog section on your website
Blogging is very powerful way of getting traffic, you may have fix number of pages, but if you have blog, you can create new content about your business every day, post blog with some attractive picture related to your product and service.
Share on Social Media with Hashtags
Create an account for your website on all social media; keep sharing your webpage / blog content on social media with Hashtags, this will get you many visitors
Offer some free consultancy to potential buyers
Offer free consultancy and tips to your potential buyer, create an opportunity for them to ask you question about their business service, always create an attitude of “How can I help you”

Remember, they may not buy from you, but if you can answer their query well, they will remember you, may refer you to someone, they will keep checking your website for free tips, and make them repetitive visitor.
And if can't answer , then you know what type of query your buyers asking, that will help you to get prepared better for next time
Start Email Marketing
Start Email Marketing at as soon as your website is ready with reasonably good content, don’t wait till you finish all work, email marketing will help creating awareness about your brand in most cost effective way.
But don’t send email very frequently to same user, follow email marketing best practice
Put some online Advertisement
Keep looking for your product relevant blog, where you can post some paid advertisement, or use Facebook for low cost advertisement, or if you have good budget you also can Google and Bing service.
Guest Blog
Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract user to your website, but make sure you post quality content, so after reading that user feel like visiting your site.
Learn from Google Webmaster and Analytics
Google Webmaster and Analytics is free tool that can tell you how your website is performing with great insight and give you the idea how to optimize further.
Create Good Quality Back links
Some SEO expert says that Content is King and Back link is Queen.
If you can get some good quality back links, that will help you to get 100x more visitors , on the other hand bad back links can harmful, so be very careful while creating back links, avoid free automation tools for back links.

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