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Check Website Traffic Report

The success of any online business depend on how much traffic the website has, the more traffic you get on your website, the more potential buyers you may get.

There are many online tools to check your website traffic, but all of them are good at saying something about your website, here I am going to tell you, how you can optimize your website based on suggestion you get from different online website traffic analyzer tool.
Reaching out to potential buyers is important, but holding them with quality of your product / service is even More Important
Many tools appearing on first search result in Google not necessarily are the best. We need understand that Google rank them based on some certain parameters, but no way can figure out the quality of the product or service.
Popular Tools to know your traffic analysis and spy on competitor's traffic
So we must remember ranking on search engine result is important, but producing quality product and service is more important.
Because finally our consumer should feel good about our product and service, our business success will depend on their level of satisfaction.
Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is a fantastic tool to start with, it’s free and easy to use, while using this tool you may learn a lot about what are aspects to look at for getting traffic on a website.

To use google webmaster, you need to register and add your website first, click the image below to start with.

Once you have added your site to Google webmaster, make sure you submit the Sitemaps (marked in red in above image), and use the feature "Fetch as Google" for all important pages to be listed in google search engine.
Check after a week for some search result data on your dashboard, use "Structured Data" in your webpage , that will help your site to be better crawled by search engine in a structured way.
This site is easy and quick to use, will tell you the price of website based on traffic, also some traffic details like estimate value, daily pageviews, daily visitors etc, which are not always correct.
But, at the bottom of the report there are few very additional external link, that will help to optimize you website further.
Similarweb is a very interesting SEO Tool to explore
Alexa is not just website traffic checking tool, It says lot more about any website
Semrush.Com is a good tool to get some insight about your website, some of the information like back links, advertisement details, top organic key words etc they provide will help you to optimize your website further to fetch more traffic, But “Organic Search” keywords count are not always correct.

They also provide traffic analysis report, but you can get much better report from Google Analytics Geo report.

Recently SEMrush introduced "SEO Dashboard", On Page SEO recommendation is a very good feature they provide, the accuracy level is very high, this report can guide to achieve best On Page SEO Optimization possible

On Page SEO recommendation
SEMrush.Com is a great tool to explore, they have paid version with many more features, but expensive.
Can help you to understand the competition better, many keywords and their position in search engine, also you can check how your competitors are doing and which keywords are getting highest traffic.
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