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Create first Node app using Node.js step by step

In previous article we have read what is nodejs? and why to learn node js development. Now we are going to create Node Js App using Visual Studio Code Editor.

Learn how to create a simple NodeJs Application

First we create a folder for our app, let's call that "wtr-nodeapp" you can give any name. Remember in node console we can write same dos command for files and folders , Go to the drive you want to create your folder just by typing cd e:

Then create the folder mkdir wtr-nodeapp

$ cd e: 
$ mkdir wtr-nodeapp

Now follow the following few steps carefully, simple step , but understand how it works with VS Editor

  • 1. Click on explorer, then create a file called app.js (you can give any name)
  • 2. Write simple javascript in the file.
  • 3. Save the file ( File=> Save), Don't forget
  • 4. Now call the file from console just by typing node app.js

create node js app

As you can see in the above screen, "Hello Bill, Welcome to WTR" is the result of executing the Javascript file.

Create Nodejs App with Visual Studio Code Editor