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How to configure email in Microsoft Outlook, microsoft outlook configuration settings steps

Microsoft Outlook Configuration Settings

Email account configuration in microsoft outlook step by step.

Microsoft Outlook Configuration steps

If you have created a new email id on your domain and now want to configure Microsoft outlook with new email and password, here are the step by step guidance to setup your Microsoft outlook.

Step 1:
Just open your Microsoft Outlook, and then click on "Tools" => "Account Settings"

configure microsoft outlook

Step 2:
If you want to configure a new email id, then click on “New” or if you want to change configure information of an existing email id then click on that email id.

configure microsoft outlook

Step 3:
Select “Microsoft exchange, pop3, IMAP or HTTP” option and click next

Then in next step check the box “Manually configure server settings”

Then select the option “Internet e-mail”

configure microsoft outlook

Step 4:
Now here you need to setup all your email related information including incoming mail server (Popo3) and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) information, make sure you check the “Remember Password” checkbox, so every time you open the outlook, you don’t need to type the password.

configure microsoft outlook

Step 5:
Now you are almost done, but there are few more .. so click on “More Settings”.

Under “General” tab, provide Organization Name (not mandatory) and reply email address, if you don’t specify then it will take the same email reply to email address

In “Outgoing Server” tab , check the box “My SMTP requires authentication” and select option “use same settings as my incoming mail server”

configure microsoft outlook

Step 6:
In “Advanced” tab setup the incoming (pop3) and outgoing (SMTP) properly, if you are not sure about port number then ask your SMTP service provider, in case your server has SSL then check the check the box “server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”

configure microsoft outlook

Once you are done with all settings, click on “Test Account Settings”, immediately you will get to know if settings are done correctly and both emails (incoming and outgoing) are working fine.

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