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I help growing your business organically in google search result, SEO expert in Kolkata, Do you want to learn SEO in Kolkata? here we teach you Search Engine Optimization with live examples, I also provide digital transformation service to small business. join us!

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Learn Search Engine Optimization from best SEO Expert in Kolkata, Check exclusive Free SEO Tutorial, Step by step implementation guide for improving your website ranking and online business.

We provide SEO Service in Kolkata

  • Designing SEO Strategy
  • Selecting Keywords
  • Optimize Pages
  • Site Navigation Flow
  • Keywords Analysis and understanding the competition
  • Google AdWords, Webmaster, Analytics Implementation

Here are some SEO tips for your startup.

SEO consulting service in Kolkata

India has large number of internet users (second only to china), growing every year at very fast speed, above 90% users use Google as search engine, and remaining 10% will be other search engines including Bing.

Nowadays 28% of internet users purchase online, and on average, they spend more than 3 hours on internet for browsing and other activities like social media etc.

Internet marketing is much cheaper than any other traditional ways of marketing, but very competitive! It requires expertise and experience to bring result from online marketing.

We are also providing SEO Service to many Startups.

Experienced SEO Trainer in Kolkata

Experience: We have 10+ years of experience working on different type of domain, providing digital marketing service to many startups .

SEO Consulting Service in Kolkata for Corporate

We are offering SEO Consulting Services for Small Busiess, 100% guaranteed 1st page ranking on organic search for country specific search engines as well as global search engines.

SEO Services in kolkata india

We also teach Google AdWords, Webmaster, Analytics: How to analyze the business data to measure the market needs for any particular product or service.

Search Engine Expert in Kolkata, SEO trainer in kolkata, Social Media Marketing in kolkata

Few SEO questions all business owners ask!
  • How much time it takes to rank in Google first page?

    This will depend on what type of product and service you have, how good is your content, is there sufficient demand for your products? How strong other suppliers are!

    In general, it takes between three to eight months if you have very good quality content, but sometimes you can see result much earlier if you are focusing only on local market.

  • How much will it cost for SEO to optimize my website for search engine?

    Cost depend on how much effort it takes, normally every SEO service provider have their per day rate depending on their experience and capabilities.

    They provide quotation for five months to one year. Cost also may vary if you ask them to create content for your site.

    Basic SEO cost is considered for keywords research, on-page optimization, internal link building etc. however, there are many other parameter where cost may vary.

  • Do I get buyers for my products if I do SEO?

    Yes, if SEO is done correctly, then defiantly you start getting buyers enquiries from your website.

    Your website can become 24x7 online shop, open for 365 days. Thus increase the chance of getting buyers more and more.

    You should also keep updating your content like latest products, offer price etc. and keep responding to buyers queries.

  • Is SEO required? What if I do paid advertisement for my website?

    Yes, SEO is must, paid advertisement will get you result only when you keep paying them, also that may bring many irrelevant queries from your paid click.

    Organic SEO will provide you result for very long time, and it can brings tons of buyers queries for free of cost, more older your site becomes, it will bring more and more results.

    No matter how much money you spend on paid-advertisement, you should think of investing in SEO now for long time return.

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