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C# Object to JSON in Asp.Net

How to get collection object in JSON, C# to JSON

Here we learn how to work with JSON, JSON Serialization and De-serialization, Posting JSON string using Jquery and Picking element from JSON object and displaying on GUI

<= Click the button
JSON object in Form String

On click of above “Call JSON String Example” button, we have made a server side call using Jquery, and got the a JSON String.

Now let's look at the implementation

Controller code in Asp.net MVC C#

Here is the server side method written in controller

public string getBlogsJson()
string jsonString=null;
List <blogObj> blogs = new List <blogObj>();
blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 1", shortinfo = "short info 1" });
            blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 2", shortinfo = "short info 2" });
            blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 3", shortinfo = "short info 3" });
            blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 4", shortinfo = "short info 4" });
            blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 5", shortinfo = "short info 5" });
            blogs.Add(new blogObj() { title = "blog number 6", shortinfo = "short info 6" });
            jsonString = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(blogs);
            return jsonString;

Making JSON Call to Server
This is how my client side JavaScript call will look like

$(function () {
$("#btnJSONCall").click(function (event) {
// alert("json call");
type: "POST", // or GET
url: "/json/GetBlogList",
// data: "param1=someThing",
success: function (data) {
error: function () {
// something's gone wrong.
//event.preventDefault(); // stop the browser following the link

Finally just create a button with id "btnJSONCall", Done!

This is an example of getting collection object in form of JSON string in Asp.net

Name Email Website

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