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We invite you to post your writings at our platform; we boost-up your skill to digital world, let the world know your specialization and contact you.

We accept articles from guest bloggers, Feel free to submit article as per following guidelines.

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Submit your original, high-quality articles for more exposure, credibility!

Here are few things you must know:
  1. Get your profile approved
  2. Type of articles we accept
  3. Article Guidelines
  4. Image / Video Policy
  5. How to submit
  6. Sponsor Post
  7. Why we reject guest post?

Note: we publish very limited number of articles from guest, so only good quality original articles will be selected; especially those are unique in style of content (within our predefined categories).

1. Get your profile approved

We need to know who you are as a person, your social presence (like you’re linkedIn profile), your related work etc. so please provide following urls.

  • Your blog / website / or company website (Not mandatory).
  • Your Linkedin profile.
  • Your Facebook / Twitter profile.
Please fill this form and submit.

2. Type of articles we accept

We will accept articles from only following categories, (because of our initial limitation).

  • Technical (should be uncommon)
    • Different usage of Microsoft Excel / Word.
    • HTML or CSS realted tips / design best practices.
    • JavaScript / Jquery Tricks / or any other JavaScript Library Examples.
    • Php MySQL examples.
    • Wordpress / and Drupal related (plug-in, how to ).
    • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) / SQL
    • Python / MySql / Data Science / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.
    • Design Patterns / Web API.
    • Cyber Security, Basic home computer security.
    • Azure hosting, configuration etc.
    • AWS hosting, configuration etc.
  • Non-Technical
    • What's new in Web designing / development. write about trends.
    • UI design best practices / better user experience, that help gaining more customer.
    • Social media marketing related unique tricks / ideas.
    • Latest SEO related topic, tips for small business owner.
    • Anything that help new students to learn new things on internet.
    • Any idea, that help rural students learning new things (free of cost) / money making.
    • Small business ideas, self sustainable business ideas.
    • Creative marketing idea that help small business owners.
    • Handicraft items from rural villages that help growing their awareness and market reach.

3. Article Guidelines

While writing any article please keep following points in mind, actually this will also help writing quality article and falls under best practices.

  • Keep article focused on single topics only, do some research on that topic before writing, and make sure your information will really add value to reader.
  • Keep a sense of storytelling, so that readers will enjoy reading.
  • Use appropriate Title, Heading etc.
  • Article should not be about self promotion, a big NO!
  • Inside article, there should not be any external hyperlink – not allowed.
  • Your article will be linked to your profile and then your profile will have all your details like (Name, pic, your products / service info, your website link etc.)
  • We prefer long article, ideally 1000+ words.
  • Please send us fresh original stuff. NO Republishing, We don't re-publish articles that appeared on your any blog or Medium channel.
  • There should not be any encrypted tracking link your article.

4. Image / Video Policy

Any Image or other type of visual representation you send along with your article should obey following guidelines.

  • You should have complete ownership and publication right of those images
  • If images are taken from somewhere, then you must mention their complete name and web address, credit should be given to them for that piece of work.
  • Any unclear / blur / low quality / meaningless / irrelevant image will not be published.
  • Same above rules are applicable for video also, all video should be uploaded on YouTube only, one article can have one video only, should be completely relevant to the content.

5. How to submit

You can submit your article in word document and images in zip file to webtrainingroom(at), one article one email, we may need a week time to publish your article, we let you know by email

Email Structure

  • No salutation required.
  • Email title: should be within five words max.
  • Email body: a short description within 100 words max.
  • Article and images with attachment.

At the bottom of your word document, you must specify following details.

  • Full Name:
  • Email:
  • Website / Blog:
  • Contact Number: (optional)

6. Sponsor Post

Yes, we accept sponsor post with following guidelines:

Your content or linked page should not have any content from categories like pornography, adult content, weapons, drug related, anything-related government policy, religious content, social criticism etc.

We provide/ allow maximum two outgoing link for one post, learn more.

7. Why we reject guest post?

  • We accept post from individual only, not from any organization, though you can specify your organization name in your profile description.
  • If you are posting for any organization, you must email from same business email address only, not from any public email like gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Solo blogger can email from public email address with other details like their blog url, social media profile etc like specified in “Get your profile approved” section earlier.
  • When some people send fake reference, show other’s article claiming written by them. – we cross check to indentify.
  • The post has already been published somewhere, and again trying to get it published on our platform.
  • Person does not have relevant background or experience.
  • Poor quality writing or content look very inefficient.

We love guest post that match the specification.
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