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We help promoting your content and banner, provide back link to your site, however we have some specification and guidelines that our promotional content must follow.

business promotion advertisement

As you know, we are producing very high quality technical content and free tutorials for students, web developers, database developer and digital marketers, and people love our tutorials and blog posts, so we thought of promoting small business and startups side by side.

Criteria for Ads on our site:

  • Your site must have more than 1 million impressions per month.
  • Your website should be for education and some micro niche focused, especially tech related, content with in-depth analysis (for example oracle learning, cyber security specialist, java Programming, Blockchain, data science, AI etc.)
  • We also can promote if you have built any tech products.
  • If your site is about SEO or Digital Marketing – we say NO.

Content and banner promotion

We can promote your business online, Here are the different types of advertisement we support

  • Content promotion
    1. Should be original content (we will not republish content which is already published somewhere).
    2. Content should be well written with genuine information, grammar check and no spelling mistake.
    3. We prefer long articles (below 700 characters length will not be considered as blog post)
    4. Your post can have maximum two outgoing links, we suggest one from article and one from your signature line, but you can consume two links anywhere you want!
  • Link promotion
    1. Your link text should not have any tricky content, which is different from what your page is offering.

    2. Your link should have the direct url of where the user will be landing, no redirection allowed.

  • Banner promotion

    Banner images must be png, jpg, or gif; we accept two types of banner size only

    1. Side banner: 300x X 300x Pixel, this will appear at right side of the page
    2. Bottom banner: 160x X 600x Pixel, this will appear at blog-bottom of the page

We Don't Accept:
Promotional content or external link should not have any content from categories like pornography, adult content, weapons, drug related, anything-related government policy, religious content, social criticism, gambling etc.

We Accept:
Education related, hobby class, art class, software products, technology related etc.

Note: We do not provide any link from our home page

Contact Us

If you want to promote your business, please contact us for any advertisement enquiry, please fill the form

Where my blog content will be linked?

Your blog content will be published under most relevant category, then will be inter-linked from three different blog pages which has similar type of content.

We also optimise your meta tag and other cosmetic information for best performance of your content for search engines.

At the end of your blog, there will be a signature line, saying that the sponsor post is written by your full name with your company name or website name.

After publishing, your blog will be shared gradually in our social media channel within a span of 45 days.

Terms and conditions

As a blogging platform, we run google adsense program on our pages, which are dynamic by nature, so there may be some runtime ads will appear inside your content we publish anywhere on this site.

After placing any advertisement on our page, if we find your page is not having the content that we agreed at the time of advertisement, and falling under any of the situation, we will remove your link and there won’t be any refund.

  • Your page is not accessible.
  • Your page is executing malicious script or program.
  • Page is being redirected to somewhere
  • You site promoting spam content.
  • Your business content changed drastically, and fall under categories that we don’t accept as specified above.
In any of above situation, your link will be removed.


We love guest post that match the specification.
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