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Best Digital Marketing Technique for Small Business

If you are business owner and thinking of expanding your business online, here are few tips that help you to market your product and brand without event spending any money.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Start with Your Website
Start with your Website, don't spend too much at first time, because many things people do may be useless for your business, so learn slowly what will help your business.
2. Think Local Business Owner
Try to reach local buyer first, because they will give you direct feedback for your business service and products, List your business in Google My Business and Bing places for business. this will help to attract local buyers
3. Create Great Quality Content
Content Marketing is one of the key elements that will bring you success in online marketing. Write original content, details about your products or services, Keep updating them regularly
Spending some money to get a good content writer will give you good return in long run.
4. Be Social, Use Social Media Marketing Channels for Your Business
Social Media can help you to grow your business from day one. use social media right way, create small picture with story line of your product and service, and keep sharing them on social media on regular basis, participate in other's post discussion.

Make sure you create your business profile in all social media before sharing any information.
5. Be Creative and Simple
Visual presentation of elements of your site should be creative, bringing visitors to a new site is tough , so make sure when some visitor visit your site once, they should remember you, you also want to maintain their attention so they come back again. So, use right logo, font, or color scheme, those are very important.
Make it simple, so it would be easy for visitor to remember why they are visiting your site! Keep your service offerings and products you want to sell just when page is loaded, it should be easy to click. Don't put too many things on your page, visitor may get confused.
Nerver use all capitals for any sentence "NEVER"
6. Do Research on Keywords
Keywords are very important, so do some research for keywords selection, don’t go very hot keywords; there may be plenty of competition for those keywords, rather go for long trail local customized keywords, it would be comparatively easy to appear in search result.
Try to use those keywords in url design, headings, alt, title etc.
7. Do Email Marketing, Don't Send Blind eMails
Don't buy email database to grow your business, don't send emails to bought emails, that never works, just waste of time and money, that may spoil the reputation of your brand and domain
But, email marketing is very powerful and cost effective, so try to capture email ids by creating a subscription option on your webpage, send them clean newsletter about your offers / products etc. once or twice a month.
Remember, Subject line plays very important role while sending newsletter, be creative while creating a subject line
8. Use Free Advertisement & Spend Carefully
Wherever possible join platform for free advertisement site like VAdsN.Com, post nice content with catchy headline there, so people come and check your site. Avoid paid advertisement, unless you have plenty of money to spend on Ads, remember small amount of money may not get you any result.
9. Back link building, Guest blogging, Keep reading
Keep on building back links from good PR sites, Back links will help you in search engine ranking.
Try micro blogging on other sites, don't directly promote your service there, sometimes not talking about own service is the best way to promote service, talk about others product and services.

10. Create Sitemap & Rss feed
Create a sitemap and submit in Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster, this way your webpage will get indexed in Google and Bing search engine,

Also use "fetch as google" & "fetch as bing" for all main pages for quick indexing , Submit your RSS feed in “feedburner”
10+. WhatsApp Marketing
Create a nice image-layout with compact content, that convey that best your business, keep joining whatsApp group from relevant social media sources like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Keep posting your message with image and website url every week. Don’t overdo it (people may feel irritated), it will be good to use a different business phone number for this type of whatsapp group, so you don’t need to share your personal number, just to avoid any irrelevant inquiry comes in.

WhatsApp Marketing for small business is very efficient; it helps you to get in touch with potential buyers much quicker than other medium, (though this statement may differ depending on business nature).
10+. Instagram Marketing to Attract Trendy Buyers
Instagram Marketing can be good for small business, especially if you are dealing with trendy fashionable products, it’s meant for quick update, in Instagram marketing the picture you post that plays the key role in success of each post, So, make sure your creative is really good to get attention for viewer, and post a small content mix with # hashtag, use the correct hashtag.

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