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Background Image Video CSS Style, CSS Tutorial

In HTML page designing we often see various type of background of content, wondering how that works!

Let’s learn setting up background using CSS

Background using CSS Style

When we say setting background, it can be back ground of any type of HTML document.
So here we create a class with some background, and the class can be applied on any element

Now in following example we have written some text (“Using Background Image”) in a <div> and the <div> has some background image.

Using Background Image

Here is the class we have written.
border:solid 1px #0094ff;

Now you can enhance it further with many other background-image properties
CSS properties of background
background-repeat Often used options are : repeat-x | repeat-y | no-repeat | ...many more
background-color you can set any color using CSS

Background Image Video CSS Style, CSS Tutorial

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