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Razor Syntax in MVC C# Example

What is Razor in MVC?

Razor is view engine in ASP.NET MVC. Razor allows you to write mix of HTML and server side code using C# or Visual Basic (Yes, earlier how we used to write in classic asp! But wait, razor has much more). Razor view with visual basic syntax has .vbhtml file extension and C# syntax has .cshtml file extension.

Here are important things about Razor

  • Intellisense: Razor syntax supports statement completion within Visual Studio.
  • Esay to Differentiate: Easily you can differentiate server side code from html code
  • Inline expression: in Razor it's much easier to write inline expression

How to write Razor Syntax in MVC?

In Razor syntax server side code written inside @{} and single line server side code start with @
Now let's look at some example

@{ var message = "I am learning Razor today";
<h1>@message @DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString() </h1>

You can easily mix-up server side code with html, server side code reside within @{ } bracket, look at the below example

foreach razor syntax
Here i am printing number 1 to 10 using loop, this is my plain html message
@{ for(int i=1;i<=10;i++)
<div>Current number : @i</div>

Suppose you want to write server side if else statement, and based condition display different user interface to end user

if else razor syntax
// get this value dynamically from database.
bool allowUser = true;
@if (allowUser)
// display secured partial view
<div> this is plain Html for authorised user</div>
// display common partial view @Html.Partial("_commonPartialView")
<div> this is plain Html for common user</div>

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Learn Razor Syntax in MVC