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Paging in MVC example

Paging is commonly used functionality in any web application, So let’s implement Paging in MVC

Right click on References => Manage NuGet Packages
Search for "PagedList"
Install PagedList.MVC as shown below

Paging in MVC

Required namespace
@using PagedList 
@using PagedList.Mvc; 

Implement Paging in MVC

Step 1: In Controller Action fetch your data from database, and assign to your IPagedList property in Model

int MaxResultPerPage=50; public ActionResult Index(int page = 1)
BusinessModel model = new BusinessModel();
string parameter1 = Request.QueryString["parameter1"];
IPagedList<customObject> requirements = null;
using (ServiceDTO rdto = new ServiceDTO())
requirements = rdto.SearchResults(skill, location,true)
.Where(r => r.Location.Contains(parameter1))
.ToPagedList<customObject>(page, MaxResultPerPage);

        model.ActiveJobs = requirements;

return View(model);

Step 2: In razor file add the reference of “bootstrappagging.css”, and take the IPagedList property in a variable

<link href="~/css/bootstrappagging.css" rel="stylesheet" />
IPagedList<customObject> objList = Model.ActiveJobs;

Step 3: loop through the collection object and display as per your need

@foreach (customObject j in objList)
    // display record as per need

Step 4: Now let’s implement the pagination part

<div style="padding: 4px;">
@Html.PagedListPager(jobs, page => Url.Action("index", new { page }), PagedListRenderOptions.ClassicPlusFirstAndLast)

Enjoy Paging in MVC

Pagination in MVC