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Retrieve static files in Core

Here you learn how to retrieve files from any folder under wwwroot in core. in example we see how to retrieve images from wwwroot folder of the .net core application.

In earlier article i shared how to upload multiple image files in core wwwroot folder

Now we learn how to retrieve image files from any folder under wwwroot, display images on screen and delete image in core web application.

Retrieve and delete static files images in Core

Load Images in Controller Core

First we design a model with few properties, so in controller we can fill those properties and access in razor view, in model we have a FileInfo array type property called “Files”, we will use this property for retrieving images from a folder under wwwroot in core

Here is how the model code will look like.

namespace WebTrainingRoom.Models
    public class FileManagerModel
        public FileInfo[] Files { get; set; }       
        public IFormFile IFormFile { get; set; }
        public List<IFormFile> IFormFiles { get; set; }        

We need to access the root folder of the application in our controller code, and to do that we need use PhysicalFileProvider service.

Add Middleware Service in Startup

You need to add following Middleware Service reference in ConfigureServices method of Startup.cs file. In your ConfigureService method there may be many other services already added, so just add IFileProvider Service also.

using Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders;
using System.IO;
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
services.AddSingleton<IFileProvider>(new PhysicalFileProvider(
        Path.Combine(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "wwwroot")));
Get file path in Core

To get folder reference in Core Controller you need to Add IHostingEnvironment in Controller with DI (Dependency Injection)

Now you need the folder reference where you want to save all uploaded image files, and to get that you need an instance of IHostingEnvironment, so in controller constructor we create the instance using dependency injection

private readonly IHostingEnvironment _hostingEnvironment;
public fileuploadController(IHostingEnvironment hostingEnvironment)
    _hostingEnvironment = hostingEnvironment;
Now whenever you want to access wwwroot folder in your controller, just write _hostingEnvironment.WebRootPath

Now in controller code we fetch all images from specified folder (“userimages” under “wwwroot”) , and set in model property (File Array)

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using System.IO;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting;
using WebTrainingRoom.Models;
public IActionResult index()
    FileManagerModel model = new FileManagerModel();
    var userImagesPath = Path.Combine(_hostingEnvironment.WebRootPath, "userimages");
    DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(userImagesPath);
    FileInfo[] files = dir.GetFiles();
    model.Files = files;
    return View(model);

Display images from wwwroot folder

Finally, we need to display all images in our core razor view; we also have a provision to delete any image from this screen also from file system (folder under "wwwroot")

@if (Model.Files != null)
    foreach (FileInfo f in Model.Files)
        <div class="col-lg-3">
            <img src="~/userimages/@f.Name" style="width:90%;">  
            <div style="padding:10px;text-align:center"><a href="@Url.Action("deletefile","fileupload",new { fname=f.Name})">Delete</a></div>
<div class="clearfix"></div>

Please take a look at the screen below.

Retrieve and delete static files images in Core

Delete Image from folder in core

Now as you see there is delete link under each screen in above image, once you click the image will be deleted from folder permanently and the screen will be reloaded without that image.

In razor view you need to just pass the unique identifier for that image to call an action, here I am passing the image name.

<a href="@Url.Action("deletefile","fileupload",new { fname=f.Name})">Delete</a>

Now in controller we have to write action method to receive the delete request and finally delete that image from folder and redirecting to a different action method.

public IActionResult deletefile(string fname)
    string _imageToBeDeleted = Path.Combine(_hostingEnvironment.WebRootPath, "userimages\\",fname);
    if ((System.IO.File.Exists(_imageToBeDeleted)))
    return RedirectToAction("index",new { deleted= fname });

Hope you understood retrieving, displaying and deleting files from core folder

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