Framework Architecture Fundamentals

ASP.Net is a rich web development environment provided by Microsoft, It has three major components inside the framework, Class Library, CLR (Common Language Runtime) and CLS (Common Language Specification).

But before we talk about Framework and Project Template, you should have some idea about .Net Framework; is just a part of .Net Framework.

.Net Framework Architecture

Here is a quick overview of .Net Framework evolved with time.

.net framework

As you can see in above picture that Asp.Net is just a part of huge .Net Framework, now in this tutorial we learn about application development. Framwork

Now you have seen in above picture that Asp.Net is just a part of .Net Framework, so here in this tutorial we talk about Framework part only.

Let’s open your visual studio, and then start with an project, you will learn what those component inside project framework are !

Once you open a new project in visual studio, you need to select a Templates => (selected language C#) => "Web"

As you can see in the picture below there are different type of projects (like Webform, MVC etc) , here we select a Webform to start with. framework Project Template
Now, you have just created a Asp.Net project, there are some ready to use in-built files and few different folders, so let's get familiar with the structure. project Template

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